KSA Font

King Fahd Glorious Qur’an Printing Complex designed a new computer font called “KSA Font”. It is a mix between Naskh font and new computer fonts. This font is used in writing big titles that need thick font. In addition, it can be used in writing text with a little more thicker size than standard computer fonts.

This came in the statement of Shaikh Talal bin Razen Al-Rehaili, the Secretary-General of King Fahd Glorious Qur’an Printing Complex, illustrating that the aforementioned computer font has taken into account some aesthetic improvement in the way of writing the letters, compared to other similar fonts. This font has been published in the Complex’s website on 10/10/2020AD. There will be five different kinds of this font, which are:

☚ الخط العادي KFGQPC KSA Regular

It is a little more thicker than the typical font and it is used to write the body text in letters and etc.

To write different shapes of some letters such as (م, هـ, ك, and ة, please add a Kashida before the letter required to be changed, unless it is هـ the kashida is added after


☚ Bold Font KFGQPC KSA Regular Bold

It is suitable for writing the sub-titles in letters, books and etc.


☚ Extra Bold Font KFGQPC KSA Extra

It is suitable for writing the titles on books’ covers and etc.


☚ Heavy Font KFGQPC KSA Heavy

It is suitable for writing big titles in visual presentations and etc.


☚ Heading Font KFGQPC KSA Heading

It is suitable for writing texts on large signs on the road and etc.

Download the final publication of the font to ensure having the latest version of the font.

خط المملكة بمختلف أنماطه:

File type Details Download
KFGQPC KSA Regular, Bold, Extra, Heavy and Heading
Version No: 0.03
Size: ‏‏144 كيلوبايت