Dotted Naskh Font

         Thanks to Allah, we have completed the design of the computer font (Dotted Naskh Font). It is a computer font synonymous with (Naskh font), which was previously produced by the Research and Development Unit at the Information Technology Department of the Complex. The font was designed according to a specific mechanism, so that the font appears empty from inside with the appearance of the outer borders dotted.

The design and construction of the font have taken into account the accuracy, durability and comprehensiveness of all global operating platforms and desktop publishing programs, without any problems that may occur, whether when coloring the text with several colors, or even when resizing the font to large sizes, as the font completely retains all its characteristics. Here is a set of examples of the use of the computer font (Dotted Naskh font).






Download the final publication of the font to ensure having the latest version of the font.

Latest Publication:

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Dotted Naskh Font.
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